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August 27, 2006

August 27, 2006: Browne Reprise

Ruminating on a bit of Harry Browne yesterday brought in a few e-mails from friends, some pro, some con. One sent over an article originally published a few years ago under a web site which Browne controlled. It relates to the environment, and I urge everyone to read it in total, as it presents a splendid and logical argument on how to resolve most environmental problems,

The point being: The private sector is the best avenue to travel when addressing national issues outside of national defense.

I am humored by the amount of charts, "studies", financial planning- talking mouths on radio and tv who miss the big picture on investments. NOTHING MATTERS without the strong projection of power and the decisive military of the United States that is not diminished by appeasement or the template of the present Democratic Party(cut and run).

A couple of decent stocks to take a look at are FERRO and GOODRICH. If MASSEY gets its act together with new management, it could be the best coal play in the sector.

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