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November 23, 2006

November 23, 2006: Happy Thanksgiving

On this day of giving thanks, perhaps we should praying thanks we do not live in:

Russia: Where they routinely assassinate freedom-loving opponents of "communist light".

China: Where if the payoffs are not made, you may be framed into a crime and sentenced to life in a re-education prison gulag.

Cuba: no comment needed.

Africa (anywhere): Whoever has the most kids under twelve carrying AK47s is a winner.

Venezuela: Spiraling down into chaos for those who actually work for a living.

Middle East: unless you are a man

Europe: Where the death spiral into moral, spiritual, economic and the ability to defend has begun - only the elites don't know it yet.

Mexico: Two governments. One trying to be legitimate, one run on the streets by an useful idiot.

North Korea: Use your imagination. A nightmare.

Yes, in spite of our shortcomings as a nation, we have a wonderful convenient truth to be thankful for: we live in the United States.

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