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February 27, 2007

February 27, 2007: Internet bits and pieces, stock highlights

Here is some data for you Internet lurkers, plus a few stocks that might be watched for inclusion in your Speculative Portfolio.

Yahoo's new add ranking system is off to a strong start. Even Cramer likes this stock now, at the expense of Google. Entitled "Panama", click rates have increased almost 8% week to week this month.

Google is partnering with Dow Jones, Conde Nast, etc. to syndicate their video on other websites. Advertising revenue would be split.

Fox Interactive acquired ad optimization company Strategic Data Corp. to optimize graphic ads which will be served in conjunction with search ads from MySpace's Google partnership. Interlocking ads are occurring at a rapid rate now - a win/win situation.

WebMD is transforming itself into a brand new platform by the end of 2007.

I pulled down the list of top Internet web properties for February to date. Some surprises, to be sure.

In order of PVs:

Fox Interactive Media
Yahoo! Sites
Time Warner Network
Microsoft Sites
Google Sites
Viacom Digital
EA Online
Ask Network
Amazon Sites
United Online, Inc.
Bank of America
Disney Online
Verizon Communications Corp.
Cox Enterprises
Weatherbug Property
Weather Channel, The

In regards to comScore Clicks through rate data for Dec. 06,

Top five:

Google 54%
Yahoo 24%
MSN 11%
AOL 8%
Ask Jeeves 3%

Some stocks I am looking at:

Bankrate (RATE)
Monster (MNST)
NewsCorp (NWS)
Yahoo (YHOO)
Google is a stock everyone likes...I see it cooling down and flat lining for a while

When E-Trade begins trading directly into several international exchanges, there will be some fantastic buying opportunities for Internet stocks, especially in New Europe and Frontier countries by proxy.

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