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September 25, 2007

September 25, 2007: Micro-focusing on alternative energy

It has been a while since I posted a complete and, as I review the scores of names, vindicated list of companies for alternative fuel concepts. Nothing on the horizon appears to stop this sector from expanding - except war or a hard global recession.

Here are a few topics and stocks for my US and world-wide readers. Those fortunate to have the recently powered-up international E-Trade trading platform may finally have a reason to use it.

A large area of investment possibility is in the Asian palm oil and palm oil processing industry - primarily in Malaysia, Indonesia and to a small degree i the Phillipines. Look for Viet Nam to make a strong bid in this sector within a few years. US soybean production is down - making this even better for palm oil producers. The best of breed are Golden Hopi Plantation (GHOP.KL), Indofood Agri Resources (IFAR.SI),Kuala Lumpur Kapong (KLKK.KL) and PT London Sumatra Indonesia (LSIP.JK)

A refined diesel engine was a hot topic at the Frankfurt, Ger. auto show. Fuel cells, and battery autos were showcased, but diesel was the clear winner. If the new generation of diesels can use biodiesel effectively, it is the winner.

India is beginning to produce effective diesel engines. The stock to play is Motor Industries Company (MICO.BO).

Reducing energy consumption is perhaps more important than idealistic technologies. The winner in the US is EnerNOC (ENOC).

In solar, First Solar(FSUR) is a clear winner to date.

I also think Brazil Ecodiesel is worth a look (ECOD3).

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