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August 06, 2008

August 6, 2008: Ideas, Ideas. The Neural 25.

Blog readers from just about all corners of the globe have e-mailed me over the past several months looking for investments that may fit into their asset allocation and sector model(s). In this market, one is prone to reply "good luck". But that is a poor response. I have responded to each request as the situation presented itself.

Today, I am giving readers a list of twenty-five stocks that are known as the Neural Fair Value 25 Portfolio. These stocks are judged by several criteria to be undervalued and having a greater potential than other securities to recoup, making money for the astute investor.

Here they are:

ACN - Accenture Limited
ADCT - ADC Telecommunications
BIG - Big Lots
BMC - BMC Software
CHKP - Check Point Software Technologies
FTI - FMC Technologies
GD - General Dynamics
GPN - Global Payments
HLF - Herbalife
HPQ - Hewlett-Packard
LIZ - Liz Claiborne
LMT - Lockheed Martin
MHK - Mohawk Industries
NE - Noble
NOK - Nokia
NTAP - NetApp
OXY - Occidental Petroleum
RNR - Renaissance Holdings
SNE - Sony
SYMC - Symantec
THG - Hanover Insurance
URBN - Urban Outfitters
USTR - United Stationers
WDC - Western Digital
WXS - Wright Express

Some of these stocks make me cringe. Others may make sense. I am not recommending this Gang of 25 except for further research on your part.

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