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September 29, 2008

September 28, 2008: Who Is The Fearless Leader?

As many of us followed the BAIL OUT - oops - RESTRUCTURING of financial markets here, there and everywhere, I was reminded of Rocky The Flying Squirrel, his companion Bullwinkle The Moose, Dudley Do Right, Aesop and their arch enemies with strange accents, Boris and Natasha, following instructions from their Fearless Leader.

The Squirrel? Hank Paulson - trying to beg/plead everyone into a deal to save the peace.

Bullwinkle? Bumbling and stumbling Ted Bernanke finally getting it right to help Rocky.Pulls a squirrel out of his hat.

Dudley Do Right? He may resemble John Kerry, but I say George Bush - determined to win the day in spite of himself.

Aesop - Barack Obama, the Most Merciful and Magnificent, Our Savior - who left his white robe at the doorstep of the White House, but not his copy of the Republican draft counter proposal that was sent to him in a clandestine way by a Goldman Sachs democratic lapdog. Barry then tried to take over the meeting, which of course ended in abject confusion Thursday past. Can't wait to see him negotiate with Putin.

Boris and Natash - Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. For reasons too obvious to bother listing.

Fearless Leader - Who else?? Barney Frank. Lollipop himself. After being the architect of the subprime loan programs that got us into this mess, Barney stakes the high gwound, er, ground and shows his masculine side becoming the obstinate expert on solving the crisis.

John McCain? Mr. Magoo. I'll reserve the right to hit him over the head later.

Does it get any sweeter than this?

My bet. Tepid markets, but by incorporating aspects of the Republican plan, it turns into a bi-partisan affair.

So much for my late night stab at humor. You either laugh, or you cry.

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