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August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009: Another Reason NOT To Buy A GM Vehicle

Rumblings abound about a lack of spare parts for GM vehicles, especially SUVs. I had heard rumors of this and now, unfortunately, have experienced this firsthand.

I purchased a 2006 Envoy last year. Last week, the electronics on the driver's arm rest stopped functioning. With the vehicle less than four years old, I assumed having the unit repaired or replaced would not be a problem.

I was wrong.

The major clearinghouse for company manufactured GM parts in Lansing, Michigan informed the authorized Mr. Goodwrench dealer that THEY NO LONGER HAD THAT PART. Now, I can't open the window(s) and lock the vehicle.

If this pattern continues, your GM will be a throw-away vehicle soon enough.

This is how GM services customers, imagine how they will treat stakeholders in the company.

You have been warned.

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