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September 09, 2006

September 10/11, 2006: Little known 9/11 tidbit

I think you may find this interesting. The source for this information is unimpeachable and was at the scene at the time executing his duty.

On September 11, 2001, all of us were shocked at the vicious attack on the United States mainland by terrorists. After several months of non-partisanship, the anti-Bush "he stole the election" crowd fronted by far left activists became active and vocal, driving stakes into the Presidency at every turn. One of the hoaxes was the Michael Moore movie that depicted the President as unable to act and a lapdog at the feet of Cheney and Rumsfeld as the day of September 11, 2001 unfolded.

Here is the reality...
When President Bush was told of the attacks, he chose to continue reading to children as depicted. During this time the highest levels of the military were preparing for his arrival at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. After boarding AF One, the plane took a predetermined scatter route to avoid any potential missile attack. The President was in constant touch with all military and national security contacts. He was given total knowledge of the facts as they were unfolding. AF One roared onto the AFB at treetop level. Prior to his arrival, almost all elements of the central military command were gathered at this safe hq facility on the base and others around the world.Upon Bush's entry, the room was full of loud talk and some chaos, playing scenarios out for specific counter measures against further attacks and mayhem.

As soon as Bush walked into the room, it was obvious by his body language and demeanor that he was completely in control as he took command of the operation(s). Donald Rumsfeld was very verbal, tossing about the f-bombs until President Bush, pointedly, told Rumsfeld to stop it. He did so in a voice that was heard throughout much of the operations area. This had a dramatic impact upon everyone. They knew that Bush meant business and was not influenced by anyone except the growing series of facts about the attack. He gave orders, asked specific questions and was, in every respect, Presidential. He inspired confidence.

During that day of uncertainty, Bush was the man of resolve and solid temperament. This was how 9/11 was viewed from ground zero of military operations.

I hope no investor forgets that investing as we know it will collapse if we fail to have democracies who stand up to foes that wish to trample our core beliefs. No charts, analyses, theories or safe haven investments can take the place of the ultimate protector of our investments and society - a strong national defense used appropriately to protect us.

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