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September 26, 2007

September 27, 2007: Fuel up..weak dollar = buying op for energy

How low can the dollar do? Investing in energy plays helps soften the fall for American investors.

Looking at the current scene, here are some good choices in the world of energy. The target price is my optimistic assumption based upon current economic conditions.

BP (BP) target 73
Royal Dutch Shell A (RDS) target price 89
ENI (E) target price 77
Sunoco (SUN) target price 82
Valero Energy (VLO) target price 81
Western Refining (WNR) target price 52
Aventine Renew. Energy (AVR) target price 16
Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) target price 15
Nova Biofuels (NBF) target price 7

European picks from an excellent source: in Euros.

Hellenic Petroleum (HEPr.AT target price 14
ERG (ERG.MI) target price 19
Motor Oil Hellas (MORr.AT) target price 23
Neste Oil (NESTV.HE) target price 31

This post is meant to compliment my last post on Alternative Energy.


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