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October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008: Stocks For Your Picking

Following this blog's continuing idea list for investors contemplating speculative buys during this period, I submit the following eleven stocks that filtered through my Thursday screen.

These securities have a market cap between $2,000b and $10,000b, are a component of the S&P500 Index, have a Standard and Poor's Rating of Four Stars or Five Stars, and yield over 6%:

AEE Ameren Corporation 8.47% yield
CTL CenturyTel, Inc. 8.68% yield
DDR Developers Diversified Realty Corp. 16.39% yield
EQ Embarq Corp. 8.15% yield
FTR Frontier Communications Corp. 11.61% yield
KIM Kimco Realty Corp. 7.11% yield
POM Pepco Holdings, Inc. 6.11% yield
PGN Progress Energy, Inc. 6.84% yield
RRD R.R. Donnelley and Sons Company 6.42% yield
WIN Windstream Corp. 11.61% yield
XL XL Capital Ltd. 7.52% yield

My theme is that investors should be using dividends that are likely to be supported (at least by Standard and Poors' Ratings)as a basis for screening stocks that may be researched further for speculative purchase. Only you know your tolerance level for risk. And, if you are considering purchase from this list or any other list, thorough research should proceed any security accumulation.

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