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December 01, 2008

December 1, 2008: What Could Be Worse?

As investors on the long side of securities lick their wounds today, I thought a personal observation may be in order.

Things rarely happen as we expect. Whether it be business, investments, career or personal relationships a Force almost always interferes to enhance or gum up the works.

The most intense emotions do not occur with investments. They happen within personal relationships. Probably the worst, excepting death, is having to say goodbye to someone whom you hold dear. I think many of us have had that happen one or more times in our lives, and the gut-wrenching feeling of having a relationship dissolve or mutate due to the reality of life circumstances is an emotional event for all concerned. Feelings can overtake the reality of the situation to the detriment of otherwise wonderful people. Contrary to just selling investments that have to be jettisoned out of a portfolio, every attempt should be made to understand that in spite of having to say goodbye, that does not mean caring, concern and the willingness to help in an emergency are sold down the river. They just take another form. Importantly, there needs to be a tacit comprehension that a relationship that endures requires acceptance by all involved to look towards the future, not the past, and through a different prism.

Although investments come and go, relationships endure so long as there is acceptance that life's parameters be acknowledged - and that good things generally will bless good people.

I will be sporadic with blogs for a few days due to travel and hospital tests for an arthritic condition.

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