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February 08, 2009

February 8, 2009: In Colorado Springs

I am taking a few days to visit son, USAF Maj. Tom, Daughter-in-Law USAF Maj. Jamie and two wonderful grandchildren ages two and two months. This is a real treat, more so since I intentionally left all business, including the laptop. at home to gather some dust.

We are having a grand time visiting and revisiting spots I remember from vacations with my parents from my childhood residence in suburban Chicago. The weather has been excellent for winter. My only regret is not getting over to Cripple Creek to hit the blackjack table. Later, perhaps.

This is probably as good a time as any to be silent about investing. Until we see the stimulus package and observe world economic conditions thereafter, being in short term bonds and high grade corporates are obvious choices. Sure, speculators are doing well on individual issues and eclectic ETFs, but I suspect. like those who go to Vegas, we hear about the very few who get lucky and not the exponential number of those too smart by half losing their shirts.

Stay smart, stay calm and stay conservative until things begin to sort out.

I'll be sorted out and back with some thoughts in a couple of days.

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