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January 05, 2007

January 5,2007: Support services ideas for 2007

I have been looking at a sector which does not appear to have a wide following amongst individual investors. This sector is Global Services. Basically, companies in this sector provide personnel services,financial services,educational services or marketing services on a quasi-temporary basis. Many companies are in this field. I provide the list below for your review. All appear to be well-positioned to perform reasonably well in 2007 and may be worthy of consideration in your portfolio.

With today's premium on obtaining emergency financing, educational seminars, specific marketing tactics or temporary workers with specific skills, I recommend you take a look. I do NOT own any of these companies. One or more may be a small position in one or more of the funds I own-but I did not buy the funds for Global Service weighting.

Global services are now of interest to me as 2007 progresses and portfolio dynamics change.

Administaff ASF
Monster Worldwide MNST
Laureate Education LAUR
Strayer Education STRA
PeopleSupport PSPT
Fidelity National Information Services FIS
Wright Express WXS

I did not locate an ETF which defines this universe of stocks. If I am incorrect with this statement, please so state to me here on the blog.

Note: yesterday's post was late because we had a cable problem to deal with.

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