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June 27, 2007

June 28, 2007: E-TRADE ready to launch direct trading in six markets

I have several E-Trade accounts and think that their service, upscale research and execution are first-rate. I have never been disappointed with a trade and at $7.99, it is a good deal.

Now, E-TRADE is going global for those of us with the risk tolerance and research to invest directly in the international security market. I feel that this will be especially useful for environmental stocks (global warming, etc.) that are not listed as ADRs in the States and mature but less well known stocks in other growth industries. ETFs and other vehicles will also be available, if permitted under law. I cannot see a downside to this, unless one counts investor arrogance or stupidity(or both).

The Global Investing Platform, with support if needed, will commence in approximately two weeks. The countries that will have direct market trading are Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK. Also, five currencies may be traded as a hedge against the US dollar.

With this latest effort to provide superior investment vehicles for clients, E-Trade continues to roll out outstanding bank and mortgage products, tutorials, top-notch trading platforms, respected research, sophisticated stock and bond screening tools and timely e-mail alerts.

Interested parties worldwide may want to explore this exceptional company and the new international direct trading options at

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