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July 22, 2007

July 23, 2007: Three properties and a funeral

Postings will be spotty through Wednesday.

A brother-in-law passed away too early in life from a rapid and especially volatile form of Alzheimer's. He graduated from the US Naval Academy and will be laid to rest in Annapolis, where his family had a home overlooking Chesapeake Bay for generations. He later received his Master's and Doctorate from the University of Maryland, where he was Prof. of English and a doctoral advisor for many years. He leaves a young daughter aged twelve and his wife, also holding a Doctorate in English (Gothic Literature). Investing made their eyes glaze over as much as mine hearing about the latest in Gothic literature and the theater, but we all enjoyed each other's company.I will be in Annapolis with some family all day today.

Tuesday and Wednesday is a trip to Southport, NC to close on property and look for more. I am more impressed with each trip how North Carolina promotes their state attributes and expresses a steady approach to business and industry.

Two weeks ago during my journey west, the stock market went berserk. I hope it moves up in a like direction during my brief absence from this blog on Tuesday.

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