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July 24, 2007

July 24, 2007: An American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes/my commentary

AN AMERICAN HEDGE FUND is written with the same full-throttle energy that Tim Sykes has put into his meteoric career in the world of investment. In a pounding, compelling style, Sykes corners the market in a relentless urge to succeed, finally setting up his own hedge fund after a remarkable, rollicking ride. Tim slams us through his high school and college adventures culminating with his documented multi-million dollar profit engine that is still on track, with no obstruction on the horizon.

This is not your father's financial publication. It is a warp speed adventure that I enjoyed reading, and re-reading. AN AMERICAN HEDGE FUND is Jim Cramer on steroids that will make many older legends of years past run to the bathroom for their Depends.

No doubt, we will be hearing a lot more from Tim Sykes in the years ahead so long as our free market allows creative individual spirits free and open access to information and does not stifle the courage to invest how and when one chooses. Hedge Funds need less, not more government interference to produce brilliant investors like Tim Sykes.


I was honored to be a contributor and reader for his draft copy. This will be a well-discussed publication in the financial world representing a new age in aggressive financial journalism.

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