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March 09, 2009

March 9, 2009: Waiting, waiting.....waiting

As mentioned in previous posts, I am reluctant at this stage to provide any commentary that is just meant to fill space on a daily basis. Yes, there are a few securities and eclectic strategies that are modestly successful, but most everything from the markets to national and international economic policy is presently a disaster with no meaningful end in sight. Thus, I remain quiet for now.


There was a curious article published today on that was entitled The Manchurian Candidate. It was out of character for Bloomberg to diss BHO. It is worth reading. Comments by James Cramer, Warren Buffett and others are beginning to surface that are quite critical of the current political leadership. What is perhaps most surprising is that members of the President's inner circle seem bent upon immediate and personal attacks to silence or marginalize critics - or both. This is not healthy in a democracy, and reminds some of dramatic shift to an intolerant brand of socialism which is not what made the country the "last, best hope on earth" (Ronald Reagan) for democracy and the opportunity to excel free of government intrusion.

Meanwhile, having multiple income streams - a holistic investment approach over and above securities - allows one to not lose too much sleep at night as almost all other investments decline. And we could be living in Haiti, so all is not lost.

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