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April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009: Earth Day, An Interesting Perspective

As readers know, I am an avid reader of contrary views that, while out of favor with the politically correct crowd now, may be in retrospect an intellectually valid position that may be honored as insightful and true later.

One such viewpoint is that of Harry Browne on Saving The Environment From Political Destruction. Shortly before his death a few years ago, Harry penned a lenghty piece that shattered many environmental stands and pinpointed criticism on many facets of this topic. Although you (and I) may disagree with him, all points of view should be available for consumption and open debate. You may find his complete work an interesting read.

As follows is a brief excerpt:

"The supposed struggle to save the planet is really a struggle for power - power over your life. So politicians and environmental extremists never wait for their claims to be proven before demanding to turn your life upside down.

They tell us we can't afford to wait for proof; we must do something right now - even if no one is sure what the problem is, even if no one knows whether the changes they demand really will help, and even if a single solution might be discovered tomorrow that wouldn't require upsetting everyone's life.


"Everything you do, every move you make, each step, each breath affects the environment in some way.

That's why so many politicians and environmentalists (reformers) are enthusiastic about saving the environment. Virtually the entire crusade is about you.

Conserving resources means taking them from you and putting them under political control.

Ending global warming means forcing you to pay higher taxes for gas, oil and electricity.

Recycling means vast power for those who will decide what you must recycle and what you'll be allowed to throw away.

Protecting endangered species means the power to seize you land.

Controlling pollution means controlling you.

For the politicians, the environment is the perfect issue. They can use it to gain more power while appealing to your desire for health, to your appreciation for the natural beauty around you, and to your concern for your children and future generations.

No problems will be solved by the people who gave us the US Postal Service and the Savings and Loan Crisis (note: if Mr. Browne was alive today, he would have a much longer list). But a great deal will be improved by getting the (environmental issues) out of the hands of politicians, reducing the federal government to its Constitutional limits, telling the politicians to stop playing junior scientist and letting motivated individuals (through the free market and in their self-interest) deal with the problems society discovers."

Harry Browne's complete piece can be found at

Now, time to drink a nice tall glass of organic tea.